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awaken your skin in an instant with a dab of natural looking gel-cream blush. The formula of Glogasm blush paint is highly-pigmented to replicate the appearance of happy and healthy cheeks. Not only its lightweight and comfortable to wear, the long-wearing product will stay on your skin throughout the day and well into the evening


Crimson Wine

Daisy Bloom


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Glogasm is a brand that is owned solely by women and was launched in Malaysia. Glogasm believes strongly in the concept of affordable and incredible pay-off cosmetic.

“Hectic and tiring would not stop me from putting a better version of myself everyday as independent women”– even it means by just putting on blusher

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Your Confident 
Comes First

Glogasm is proudly a female-founded Malaysian makeup brand that is so easy to use and 100% foolproof. 

Our product’s texture  blends like a dream and it’s also buildable, just the way you like it. 

We believe in creating beauty essentials that let your natural beauty shine through with the perfect amount of Glo. 

Our two blush paints, Crimson Wine and Daisy Bloom are the two new Glo-ducts that we created inspired by women, for women. Two unique colours for every skin tone there is in the world. 

The range is versatile and there are so many more creative ways to play around with our two shades.

The cream-to-gel texture allows the product to apply seamlessly with a cakey-free look.The blush paints are so pigmented and a little product comes all along the way. Did we mention that our blush paints would last you all day?

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